About Iraq trans bank

The bank is founded in 19/1/2006 according to the agreement of the companies board (H.M/30026)on the same date with capacity of(56,500,000,000)five billion and five hundred million IQ. The Iraqi central bank gave the Iraqi trans bank a private licenses of banking according to banking laws no.94 in 2004 starting from the opening date 9/3/660 on 5/12/2006 . it began its work with (250,000,000,000)in the same year.

Expanding the bank branches

The bank is seeking to accomplish its goals ( expanding the numbers of its bank in Baghdad and other cities in addition to its current Branches in ( Baghdad , Arbil , Sulliamania) and in Baghdad will open the new branches in (Harthiya – Mansour – Shorja) and in provinces will open the following Branches (Hela – Karbala – Najaf – Basra – Nasiriyah – architecture – KUT – Mosul – Kirkuk) .

Bank Vision

The bank has a vision to enter the financial world in its different economic sorts , either it was a social service that gives a positive reflection on the society such as building some projects which contribute in the economic, financial developments of the country .

Other contributions will be obvious in other types of investments . there will be shares of banking exchanging and bank loans .
The bank is seeking to give his costumers a service with high quality and reasonable prices through using high quality accupments that enhance the accomplishment of all the banking services . also the bank is seeking to develop its services by using the most modern technology in the world of banking and diminish the use of manual services . in addition we seek to join all the branches with one electronic system which provides high speed and accuracy services