On Behalf of the Directors Board and myself, it gives me great pleasure to announce and welcome you to the opening of Iraq Trans Bank with its new administration and management board .

The time had come to enhance “the true economy” and that would be through enabling all the companies and the members to find the right financial solutions which make a real differences in their life . We believe that if our bank is able to help Improve the standard of living for individuals,it will help to develop the country and that was one of the most important reasons to start our work. In addition we believe that there will be more opportunity in the future to enhance the free economy and assure a good future to the coming generations and that’s is our basic role and our big responsibility , and we are aware we need to give more efforts to be on top,We are seeking to achieve our goals( Integrity , Honesty , Responsibility , and full respect to the whole rules and ethics of our career ) and that because we want to be the institution that people can trust .
The aims that we put to our career are :

Commitments , Trust , An excellent service , Integrity , A true customer care to get our customers trust , developing our members and the Team work.
One of our priority is our costumers satisfaction . we will work hard to ensure that they will always have the best services and productions therefore , we offer a verity of financial services in addition to our services for members and companies .
We are seeking to enhance the Iraqi small and medium companies because they are the base of any economy through providing them with excellent financial solutions and help them to develop their work . In this way we will create a healthy environment in which work can grow .
We are aware that the coming period will have many economic , political and social challenges , but we are confident that that we have the right Tools to overcome these challenges . This will be through our members , our strong financial services and the support that the Iraqi Central Bank will provide to our bank.