“Iraq Banking Forum”2015


 “Iraq Banking Forum”2015

Bank participated in the forum under the auspices of silver, which was held on Tuesday and Wednesday 15 and September 16, 2015 at the Phoenicia Hotel in Beirut.

Where it was touched on the topics below

  • Iraq: Economic and Banking Outlook
  • Government policies in light of the economic and security challenges
  • Austerity policies and their impact on infrastructure projects
  • Mid-term implications of the decline in oil revenues and financing alternatives
  • Central Bank’s plans to boost the banking sector



  • Iraqi Banks and The Prevailing Challenges
  • Developments in the Iraqi banking sector
  • Role of government institutions in revitalizing private banks’ activities
  • Iraqi banks’ development plans
  • Prospects of Islamic banking
  • Developments in the tax and banking compliance law



  • Lebanese Banks in Iraq: Between Expansion Desire and Market Challenges
  • Performance of Lebanese banks in the Iraqi market
  • Challenges faced by Lebanese banks in the Iraqi market
  • Lebanese banks and governance requirements



  • Closed bilateral meetings


between the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq and Chief Executive Officers of Lebanese banks operating in Iraq